Shortcode / Shorttag

Sometimes you want to use the download URL as publicly available. But you don't want to update all posts when you regenerate the URL for that form. Use a shortcode when you want to display download URL in WordPress and a Merge Tag when you wish to embed the download URL in Gravity Forms Notifications.


You can render the URL for a form on the front-end by using the gfexcel_download_url shortcode.

Attributes - id - (required) the id of the form to get the download url from - type - The file type, either xlsx or csv. No type defaults to the predefined setting.

Full example

[gfexcel_download_url id=1 type=csv]


A notification is sent when a user fills out your form. It's easy to add a link to the download URL in a notification: Add a "Merge Tag", a special Gravity Forms shortcode that gets dynamically replaced with the URL for easy access. The Merge Tag format is slightly different than the shortcode, as it uses curly braces instead of square brackets.

There are no attributes for the notification Merge Tag. The file extension is retrieved from the form settings.

Because the notification is connected to a form, we already know what form ID to use for the URL. Therefore, we don't need any other attributes.

Full example