Attaching all entries to an email

We often get asked how to add all entries to a notification. And our answer is simple: you don't. Let us explain.

The plugin has a setting that enables you to add the single entry to a specified notification. Pretty awesome, and useful, because it's the same entry, with the same data. However; this does not enable you to get the entire dataset as an attachment. Reason for this is memory and time.

The xlsx, or csv for that matter, isn't a predefined file. It is being generated on the fly, with the current entries. This way the file is always up to date when you download it. But this generating takes time. To attach the file to the notification it needs to be generated somewhere between the submitting of the form, and the sending of the notification. This is time the user has to wait, before the thank-you-messages is returned. Do you really want that for your users? Well let's put it this way; we don't want that for your users. So, we've decided not to add this to the plugin. That being said; we have a pretty simple solution for you.


Add a shortcode to your notification.