Getting Started

So you want to start using the plugin? Great! Let me tell you how to install it. You've got two options. You can use Normal Wordpress and Bedrock. But first let me fill you in on the dependencies.


This plugin is actually and Add-on for Gravity Forms so it will definitely need that. Also the plugin needs some system requirements, namely:

The plugin checks for most of it's dependencies, so you should know ahead of time if you're missing anything.

So let's install it, shall we?

Normal Wordpress

If you are using a normal installation of Wordpress you just go to the Plugin section, and go to Add new. Then search for Gravity Forms Entries in Excel or just Excel and you will find it. Click Install and then Activate. And Bob's your uncle (possibly).

And yes, it is also possible to download the plugin, and then upload it to the wp-content/plugins folder. But seriously; who does that?!


If you've never heard of Bedrock, than this probably isn't for you. However, I highly recommend you research this, and try it out. It's way safer then plain 'ol Wordpress, and it comes with the benefit of composer!

Anyway, if you are using Bedrock, just require the plugin with

composer require doekenorg/gf-entries-in-excel

and you should be good to go! Added benefit here, is that you can also regularly update the PhpSpreadsheet dependency.