Gravity Forms has a (beta) repeater field that allows you to make a set of fields that can be filled in multiple times per entry. By default the value for such a field is combined into one cell. Not really useful. This Field maps every subfield onto the excel. So the repeater field isn't in the output, but the subfields are.

Because we can have multiple rows for one entry, every row for every subfield is appended in the same cell, with a dividing line between them; so we can tell the values apart. You can override what kind of division you'd like.


  • gfexcel_field_repeater_implode_{form_id}_{field_id} gives you the ability to change the string that is used to implode the rows into a single cell. By default this is \n---\n making sure values are shown as: ```text Value 1

Value 2 ```

Example php add_filter('gfexcel_field_repeater_implode', function($division) { return ', '; }); // will return `Value 1, Value 2`


Please note that the example code provided by Gravity Forms documentation is a bit flawed.
Because the gform_form_post_get_meta filter is called multiple times by the plugin, the fields are also added / overwritten multiple times, which makes the internal ID not match up.

Make sure the code in you filter is only run ONCE. Just add a simple if statement that resolves after the fist iteration.