By default the Transformer will return this BaseField to render a column and it's value. This field will return one column to append to the Excel file. The label of this column is the same as the label of the field.


The Field has a few filters to change various behavior.

  • gfexcel_field_label_{field_type}_{form_id}_{field_id}
    This filter can change the value of the label for this field. Maybe you need to alter it, just for the Excel. In that case you can just update it as you please.

  • gfexcel_field_value_{field_type}_{form_id}_{field_id}
    It will come to no surprise that this filter can alter the value for the column. Learn more about changing values.


As the name suggests, the BaseField should be considered a base for all (custom) Field implementations. Extending this class provides some useful functions to quickly whip up your own Field.