Changing labels

As well as changing values, a common thing is to change the label for a specific field for the Excel. You can override the label hooking into gfexcel_field_label.

The field object is provided as parameter, so you can check for type and stuff programatically.

Filter signature

The complete filter is gfexcel_field_label_{type}_{form_id}_{field_id}, where you replace the curly-braces parts. The field object is provided as a parameter, so you can also check thing programmatically.

In this example we change the value for the label, for field 5 in form 3. In all other cases, we leave the label untouched.

add_filter('gfexcel_field_label', function($label, GF_Field $field) {
    if ($field->formId === 3 && $field->id === 5) {
        return 'Our custom label';

    return $label;
}, 10, 2);